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Quai de la daurade


The aim of the incentive is to bring together, motivate and reward teams after an intensive period of work. This journey should combine conviviality and sharing around unique experiences that participants will remember. 

Toulouse is, precisely, a city that abounds in a great diversity of cultural, heritage, scientific or sports resources. You will find a panel of symbolic experiences to Toulouse life, which will make this trip unique in the eyes of your collaborators. 



Fill up with ideas

From the conquest of space to millennial gastronomy, from ovalia to the land of pastels, let Toulouse inspire you for your incentive experience !


Taste the conviviality

Our beautiful Pink City alone embodies the image of what conviviality is all about. Sunshine, gastronomy, traditions and a charming decor are happily combined. In short, all the elements are there to cultivate a sense of celebration!

For the most gourmet among you, Toulouse will know how to awaken your taste buds. Discover the gastronomic traditions of the South-West by letting yourself be tempted by a visit to the Toulouse markets, where you can taste exceptional local dishes. And to learn the secrets of this gastronomy, we offer you local cooking classes followed by a tasting of your preparations. In order to make you culinary experts, there is nothing better than to complete your experiences by highlighting your senses through an oenological initiation or workshops of ''biérologie'' in order to discover the culture of beer. 

Classes at ''L'atelier des Chefs'' and lunch on site 

Covered market Victor Hugo ; Gourmet guided tour of the market Victor Hugo

Discover the beer culture with ''L'Échappée Bière'' 

Oenological initiation '' Château Cap de Ville'' 

Meetings Toulouse, la basilique Saint-Sernin

Go off to explore

For the most explorers among you, you will go to visit our city center and its wealth through a wide range of fun and unifying activities. Intoxicating treasure hunts, rallies and treasure hunts will allow you to live a real adventure on the traces of Toulouse's history. All of which will combine conviviality, sharing, action and discovery of our local resources. 

Activities proposed by: 

CDV Rallyes


 SOP Events

 Equipage & Co

 BPM Agency

Treasure hunt in the city center


From airmail to civil aeronautics

Have you ever dreamed of following in the footsteps of Antoine de Saint Exupéry and embarking on a journey through the history of aviation from its beginnings to the present day? 

Toulouse is the ideal place to discover the field of aeronautics, so take the controls in your hands, take-off is imminent.You will take on the important role of pilot in an aircraft simulator. You will make a stopover to visit the most mythical aircraft in our history and enjoy a cocktail in the emblematic A380. You will then land straight in the stars with a visit of the Cité de l'Espace, where workshops and animations will be proposed to you. To complete your astronaut training and project yourself into the future, you will take part in an exhilarating space mission through a realistic escape game. 

Simulation fly with Aviasim

Visit of the ''Cité de l'Espace''

Visit Aéroscopia

Escape game : space mission at Escape Hunt

Meetings Toulouse, le Capitole

Culture and Heritage, 2000 years of history

Toulouse is vibrant like its terraces, rich in an eventful history and colorful architecture, it is a city with a disarming charm that you will discover.

For culture and heritage enthusiasts, you will deepen your visit of the city by discovering the history of our '' great monuments '' heritage. We offer outdoor activities combining the discovery of the red brick city and its architectural jewels. You will go on a visit of our typical Toulouse districts, accompanied by a passionate guide who will tell you the most beautiful local anecdotes. To continue on a bucolic note, there is nothing better than a bike ride along the Canal du Midi or a canoe trip on the Garonne. As a little extra, for gourmets, you can combine your culinary passion with our heritage by having lunch in exceptional places linking gastronomy with architectural and cultural discovery. 

City tour ''The great monuments''

Canoe on the Garonne with Granhota

Lunch at ''La Compagnie française''

Maison de la Violette

Our regional emblems

As you know Toulouse is called the Pink City but you will discover after a few visits, that this city abounds in a range of colorful resources. To better understand its meaning, you can discover the Violette in the "Maison de la Violette" and / or to do activities around the Bleu de Pastel, both our regional emblems. Extend this last experience by allowing yourself a moment of relaxation at the Terre de Pastel SPA.

Discovery of the Violet in the ''Maison de la Violette''

Museum and Spa at the ''Terre de Pastel''

Meetings Toulouse, Stade Toulousain


For sportperson, it is impossible for you to come to Toulouse without being introduced to the emblematic local sport, rugby.

Beyond the practical aspect, you will discover the values of rugby which are respect, team spirit, sharing and surpassing oneself. So many sporting values that stem from the human warmth of our city. So prepare your cleats, the warm-up will start with a visit of the Ernest Wallon stadium. You will then enter the scrum with an introduction to rugby and you will be supported by a team of former players. There is no better accompaniment for an introduction to the oval ball. At the final whistle, the third half will take place with a lunch in the mythical Stadium's brasserie and will be followed by an initiation to Haka. 

Visit Ernest Wallon

Rugby activities proposed by ''A la une''

Our partners specialized in incentive tours and activities

Meetings Toulouse, le couvent des Jacobins
Soirée au couvent des Jacobins

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