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Toulouse Convention Bureau is committed to an approach focusing on sustainable development that will steer business travel towards a more environmentally friendly form of tourism.

In order to achieve the goal of making business travel a more sustainable form of tourism, one that is mindful of its economic, social and environmental impact in the present day and into the future whilst meeting the needs of visitors, travel trade professionals, the environment and the hospitality industry, the Toulouse Convention Bureau is adopting the Global Destination Sustainability Index (GDS-Index).

17Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, UN countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development 

70GDS Index criterias

The GDS-Index is the leading sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme for destinations

4categories for benchmark

Environmental performance, Social performance, Supplier Performance, Destination Management

4French cities involved

Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux and Toulouse 

GDS Movement

Creating a platform to catalyse sustainable tourism


The Global Destination Sustainability Index is a programme that allows users to measure, compare and improve their sustainability strategies (environmental, social and economic) and the performance of events and business travel within tourist destinations.

It brings together partners that are well-known throughout the professional meetings and events industry: ICCA - International Congress and Convention Association, ICCA Scandinavia, IMEXgroup, ECM - European Cities Marketing, MCI.

The GDS-Index focuses mainly on destinations that engage in business travel and its growth, and evaluates those destinations according to 4 key areas:

  • Environmental performance
  • Supplier performance
  • Social evolution performance
  • Destination management performance

The GDS-Index produces an annual listing of the most sustainable cities in the world. In order to be listed, cities must meet 70 criteria and achieve a high score in each of these fields.

Allées Jules Guesde

Environmental Performance

17 criteria make up this performance indicator, focusing on the policy and infrastructure of cities. For example: 

  • A commitment to tackling climate change
  • The availability of recycling options
  • Public transport
  • Levels of air pollution
Hotel Albert 1er

Supplier Performance

14 criteria make up this performance indicator, focusing on sustainability throughout the supply chain in the local meetings industry. For example: 

  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Event organisers
Jardin du Grand-Rond à Toulouse

Social Evolution Performance

10 criteria make up this performance indicator, focusing on different aspects of city life For example: 

  • Personal safety
  • Access to information and communications
  • Health
  • Wellbeing
Les toits de Toulouse

Destination Management Performance

29 criteria make up this performance indicator, focusing on the commitment to sustainable development of the convention bureau as well as the general management of the destination. For example: 

  • The destination’s sustainable development strategy
  • The communication of sustainability initiatives that support event planners and clients
  • The efficiency of analysis and reporting on sustainability projects



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