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WORKSHOP LIMS/LAAS-CNRSInternational workshop on Micro- and Nano-technologoies of Energy, Bio-engineering and Bio-sensing with JETMeE

From 13th to 14th June, 2022

On June 13 and 14, 2022, LAAS-CNRS co-organizes with LIMMS, the international research unit of INSIS in Tokyo, an international workshop on micro- and nano-technologies.

The presentations will focus on the latest advances in nanotechnologies and microsystems applied to biology, energy and sensors, with cross-fertilization between researchers from the University of Tokyo and LAAS-CNRS.

This workshop will allow a better knowledge of the scientific perimeters, the organization and the technological platforms of both entities. It will also be a source of information on the possibilities of international mobility at LIMMS for researchers / teachers-researchers, but also doctoral students / post-doctoral students.