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From 22nd to 24th March 2022

Monitoring accurately the water cycle at the Earth surface is becoming extremely important in the context of climate change and population growth. It also provides valuable information for a number of practical applications: agriculture, soil and water quality assessment, irrigation and water resource management, etc... It requires surface temperature measurements at local scale. Such is the goal of the Indian-French high spatio-temporal TRISHNA mission (Thermal infraRed Imaging Satellite for High-resolution Natural resource Assessment), led by ISRO (Indian space agency) and CNES (French Space agency). It will be launched in 2025.

The surface temperature and its dynamics are precise indicators of the evaporation of water from soils, transpiration of plants and of the local climate. TRISHNA and its frequent high-resolution measurements raise major scientific, economic and societal issues through the 6 major themes that the mission addresses from the angle of research and development of applications: ecosystem stress and water use; coastal and inland waters; monitoring of the urban climate; cryosphere; solid Earth; atmosphere.