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Les Entretiens de Toulouse - Rencontres Aérospatiales

[Covid-19 Postponed] New dates : 14th-15th April 2021.



As a result of the decisions taken by the President of the Republic and their implementation in the country, we are obliged to postpone the Toulouse 2021 Talks on 14 and 15 April 2021, on the basis of the current programme and the ET2020 book, which is already in print. 

The speakers and moderators, for all 60 interviews, remain mobilised to ensure that the interviews are held on the new date.

Registrations already made are automatically carried over to the new dates.

Initiated by the Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace, in partnership with the Collège de Polytechnique, the Entretiens de Toulouse have a threefold objective: :

- to create a dialogue between all the players in the aerospace sector,

- facilitate mutual understanding and the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge to all these actors,

- contribute to exchanges between SMEs, large groups, contractors and research centres.


It is therefore a scientific training course during which the participants, using an innovative pedagogy based on exchanges, open up to areas of expertise other than their own and enrich their networks.

The Toulouse Talks are the result of collaboration between industrialists - contractors, system integrators and SMEs - and research centres.

Based on priority themes for R&D, on key technologies and their prospects, this event helps to ensure greater synergy between players of all ages and from different professions.

The training is organised around thematic interviews spread over 4 half-days.

The participant chooses: 1 Interview per half-day from among the 15 areas of discussion and the 60 Interviews proposed and builds his or her training course "à la carte" over 2 days.

Each Interview brings together a maximum of 25 people. One or more recognised experts present the problem of the Interview for approximately 30 minutes, followed by discussions and debates within the audience. Members of the Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace act as moderators, thus ensuring the quality of the discussions.

To prepare for these Interviews, the contributions of the experts are compiled in a book, which is sent one month before the Interviews to the participants who have actually registered. Each participant can thus choose the Interview(s) he or she will take part in and prepare the questions he or she wishes to ask, either in advance via this website or directly during the Interview.

No minutes of the discussions will be published following the Interviews, in order to guarantee industrial confidentiality.

15 areas of discussion :

Design of structures



Modelling & system engineering

New motorisation & propulsion

Energy on board

Aeronautical maintenance

Military field

Civil Aviation

Innovation & Competitiveness

Drones & autonomous vehicles

Factory of the Future

Space & Aeronautics


Artificial intelligence