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Forum MobiliT.AI

[Covid-19 Postponed] New dates : 10th to 12nd May 2021, in digital.


MobiliT.AI is an international event that brings together a community of experts in Artificial Intelligence for critical systems in the field of transport and mobility (aeronautics, automotive, rail, space, UAVs, etc.). This community is composed of academic, industrial and business researchers, but also experts in operational safety and engineering of critical embedded systems.

In 2019, Montreal hosted the 1st edition of MobiliT.AI during which about 170 experts and 26 speakers and panelists gathered.
In 2021, this 2nd edition of the forum will bring together some thirty speakers on topics such as: certification issues and Artificial Intelligence; what guarantees for Artificial Intelligence; towards an Embedded Artificial Intelligence; etc.

New in 2021: 3 master classes in Artificial Intelligence will punctuate MobiliT.AI, which will be open to students in order to raise awareness among future engineers and researchers of the interdisciplinary nature of research in Artificial Intelligence.