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17e Convention Europe Afrique du Nord

[Covid-19 Postponed] New dates : 17-18th December 2021.

Organised regularly since 2002 in France, the Convention is held every year to reinforce the new axis of decentralised cooperation at the service of business. The Europe-North Africa Convention is a dynamic platform for economic exchanges, dedicated to emerging sectors with high added value.
It allows the different participants to initiate and continue their exchanges during the weeks following the event, thus optimising solutions to the different challenges in this area.
The Convention has the particularity of ensuring a follow-up of the projects of its different participants, throughout the year, to help them meet partners, identify opportunities, organise a mission and recruit skills.

AREEA: Association des Réseaux Economiques Europe Afrique is now the interlocutor of the Convention participants for their projects.

AREEA's main focus is the development of digital technologies for economic and social projects. It organises events with its partners in Europe and Africa and conducts innovative projects.

For example, AREEA is carrying out an acquapony project in Algeria, with the support of the French Embassy and several partners.

In 2020, AREEA will initiate projects in the region of Ouarzazate in Morocco, for the benefit of young job seekers.