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Satellite dans l'espace

Global Space in Toulouse by Toulouse Space Show

The world's rendez-vous for the space community and the application sectors.


We invite all stakeholders involved in space technologies to a new rendez-vous dedicated entirely to them, where access to space will be fundamental (ground segments, launchers and satellites) and where geolocation (LBS), agriculture, health, transportation (maritime, rail and air), Internet of Things (IoT) / Artificial Intelligence (AI), new mobility options, security and defence, finance and entertainment will be all areas which, through actual applications, will demonstrate the openness to which the global space industry is committed.

Global Space aims to promote the potential of the space sector, which continues to make an ever-greater contribution to our daily lives. Global Space advocates open development of the space sector. It also aims to be the international meeting place for stakeholders across the entire value chain for space applications: access to space, training, end-users, investors, etc. Global Space is the international meeting place for the entire community involved in the space sector. It shines a light on the potential that space has to offer - notably in Toulouse, the European City of Space.

Global Space aims to bring together a wide range of international stakeholders involved in the impact of the space industry on society and the economy. Their contributions and debates are intended to generate sustainable reflection aimed at finding solutions to the major challenges that we are facing today and will face in the future: health, environment, security and defence, education, mobility, communication.

Une soirée de gala à la Cité de l'espace

The rendez-vous for the entire value chain in the space economy

Global Space offers a unique opportunity to meet solution-oriented, forward-thinking individuals from different industries, researchers, institutional stakeholders who promote public policies on space, industry leaders and investors who share a desire to explore the possibilities offered by space technologies and innovations.

Plan du MEETT


Toulouse is by far the European capital of the space sector since it concentrates half of the French workforce and a quarter of the European workforce in this sector. Space is 12,000 employees in the Occitanie region, a large part of which is concentrated in Toulouse.
With 1.2 million inhabitants, the Toulouse metropolis has been one of the most attractive territories in France. Historically focused on the stars, its quality of life and economic vitality make Toulouse Métropole a territory that cultivates excellence and invents the future. It offers creators, investors and project developers a unique ecosystem that combines large groups, universities and colleges, renowned public and private laboratories, as well as a very rich network of SMEs and start-up.


Lab applications

Collaborative areas for innovation managed by industrial partners, each with a particular theme: agriculture, aviation, location-based services (GNSS), maritime, rail, road, surveying, timing.

The showcase

The professional trade fair area (over 35,000 m² indoors and outdoors) will help to showcase innovative international companies who are keen to highlight their products at the heart of the Global Space in Toulouse event.

The village

This area will host regional stands, national pavilions, and competitiveness clusters.

The forum
Programme of conferences with various formats and themes and networking areas integrated into the core of the exhibition.
Global Space Defense Forum
The Global Space Defense Forum Program Committee is chaired by M. Jean-Daniel Testé, General 2S, former head of the French military’s Joint Space Command (CIE).

Private talks

Global Space has areas dedicated to either bilateral or multilateral meetings, to promote dialogue between national agencies, military officials and users. These are open to all representatives.