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General MeetingCFDT Banking and Insurance

From 5th to 7th November

Thematic: Place and future of trade unionism CFDT (Confédération française démocratique du travail). 


A new world would be on the move.

A world where some consider that intermediate bodies, and especially trade union organizations, would serve no purpose for the smooth running of the country.

Yet the recent social movements of yellow vests, mixing violence and demands of all kinds, the rise of populism, the crisis of confidence, On the contrary, the lack of confidence of our fellow citizens in politics could show that more consultation is needed with labour organizations, associations and all those who serve the common good.

The CFDT, today the first French trade union organization, is able, by its action, its values and its vision of the world, to participate in the necessary safeguarding of the republican values that forge our democracy and to work for the construction of a peaceful social dialogue.

Nevertheless, it is clear that in our professional sectors, our electoral audience and the number of our members do not always allow us to be an indispensable partner.

If the actions carried out, the tools made available to the teams ensure our representativeness for the moment, this is not enough to change the situation.

We must therefore approach our development with the fundamental question of the meaning of our trade unionism. Do we need to change our practices, our operations?

Are our subject approach and understanding of the current environment relevant?

Our 2019 General Assembly will be an opportunity to discuss these issues, to enrich our discussions with the contributions of our guests and to discuss together the actions to be put in place to strengthen our unionism.

We look forward to seeing you from November 5 to 7, and we hope that you will attend this event which will take place in this beautiful city of Toulouse, the "pink city".