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Meetings - Assemblée Générale MEETT

Event Providers reinvent themselves

Faced with the pandemic, several problems arise in the field of professional meetings. Through the constraints of travel or physical meetings, the event industry is affected worldwide. The events sector is organising itself to offer innovative, hybrid and plant-based solutions.

Event professionals and companies have adapted to today's issues by creating hybrid events better known as phygital events.  

A phygital event is an event that takes place both face-to-face and at a distance, allowing a large number of participants to have access to the same content while benefiting from continuity of interaction.

As with physical events, phygital events are tailor-made to adapt as best as possible to the expectations of the organisers.

The entire Toulouse sector has structured itself by offering hybrid solutions to clients, ranging from the site to the distribution and animation of content.

Indeed, the aim of these adaptation approaches goes beyond the provision of venues and equipment, but has the real vocation of supporting professionals in the creation of events.

Meetings - Assemblée Générale MEETT 2

Some players in the events sector have decided to adapt to the current situation by going off the beaten track through creative activities, but also through processes that can revolutionise physical events. Indeed, despite the digital boom, many professionals still wish to continue to promote human relations, whatever form they may take.


Meetings - Meeting Lab salle rose

Event venues are reinventing themselves

Meeting Lab creation '' The Lab Office '', presented as an alternative between the office and the home, these privatizable work rooms are fully equipped with equipment and delicacies as well as a videoconference system that is available for all platforms.

Domaine Beausoleil creation of '' B by Beausoleil '' a coworking space, comfortably equipped with shared offices, privatizable spaces, connected televisions, a concierge, hot drinks and meals on request.

Holiday Inn Airport possibility to book a coworking space at the hotel through the Minutup application and provision of a large screen with webcam for videoconferences. 




Meetings - L'Initial - Les partenaires se réinventent

Accor Group offers a range of solutions adapted to hybrid events including high quality Wifi, ideal connectivity for plug and play meetings and technical equipment. To enable this quality offer, they are going to join forces at European level with a leading player in the field of online meeting software. 

L'Initial proposes WorkIn by L'Initial, an offer that allows you to have a new dimension of teleworking days by changing your environment. By renting a personal room, you will able to compose your own tailor-made request for a day or a morning, you will have an office space, free high-speed wifi access, gourmet breaks and unlimiter drinks. 



Meetings - Studio TV Cité de l'Espace

Creative ideas

BPM Agency creations of digital works, collective participation of a digital fresco, creation of immersive scenes and speedpainting performance.

C&N live interactive cooking classes thanks to the sending of ready to cook boxes.

In Vino Event to help companies in the events sector, has decided to launch a podcast ''Vous allez faire sens....ation!'' to help these companies make event communication a real lever for development. 

Equipage & CO digital and interactive games such as remote teambuilding, digital quizzes and digital pictionary, with the possibility of customising content, scenarios, modules or logos according to requests. 

Cité de l'Espace and l'Envol des Pionniers virtual tours.