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EMTECHinternational conference

Emtech Europe’s 4th edition: the international conference by MIT Technology Review will take place on next October 2nd and 3rd at the Quai des Savoirs in Toulouse.

EmTech Europe presented by the MIT Technology Review, has become the leading rendezvous for discovering emerging technologies that have the power to disrupt our world.

2018 will be EmTech’s fourth edition in France. This year’s edition is notably different from previous events as it has expanded to include all of Europe.  The feature topic of this year’s edition will focus on “What will be the impact of emerging technologies on future societies?” Experts and researchers will present the latest digital, artificial intelligence, biotech, and robotic breakthroughs.

EmTech Europe will be supported by the Toulouse Metropole Attractivity Agency and will take place from October 2nd - 3rd 2018, in Toulouse at the Quai des Savoirs. This year’s theme will be ‘The Society of Future’ and will cover five topics: Intelligence (Data as a day-to-day service), Experience (Interactions with progressive interfaces), Network (a connected society), Superhumans (Humanity’s transformation), and Catalysts (Society’s improvement). Over the course of the two-day event, various meetings, panels, networking activities, keynotes, and chat battles will be held regarding each of these topics.
This year’s edition is proud to welcome renowned guests from all over the world, such as researchers and experts in Artificial Intelligence, innovation, big data, as well as art and culture:

  • Antoinette Matthews: Executive Director of MIT Enterprise Forum
  • Maneesh Juneja, Digital Health Futurist & CEO chez MJ Analytics
  • Irene Gonzalvez, Technical Product Manager chez Spotify
  • Renato de Castro,Smart City Expert
  • Pedro Moneo, MIT Technology Review International Partner et CEO & Founder chez Opinno
  • Steven Van Belleghem, Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
  • Dominik Schiener, Co- Founder of IOTA
  • Lynette Kucsma, Co-Founder & CMO at Natural Machines
  • Volker Hirsch, Technology Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Ayesha Khanna, Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO Al
  • David Fernández Rivas, Assistant Professor (University of Twente) - Research Affiliate (MIT) at University of Twente

During the event, a Start&Meet Up forum will be held that will present 10 selected start-ups to a group of capital-risk investors. These start-ups will have the opportunity to pitch their project in front of national and international experts and investors. At the end of the event, the jury will select one start-up to receive the prize of Best Tech Start-Up of the year.

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The Attractiveness Agency of Toulouse Métropole is founding partner of this event.


Quai des Savoirs - October 2 & 3