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Meetings Toulouse, la place du Capitole

Coming to France

If you are coming to Toulouse to attend or participate in a congress, seminar, conference or convention, you will find on this page all the useful information you need to prepare your visit! 

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Carte Europe aéroport de Toulouse


When coming to Toulouse to attend a congress, seminar, conference, convention : You may  need a short-stay visa valid for the Schengen area. It will allow you to visit France for the duration of your visit, which must not exceed 90 days.

To check and apply for a visa :

Government website 

You may need to prove the link between your professional activity and the purpose of your trip. The required supporting documents are indicated in the visa wizard.

Examples of supporting documents:

  • The request letter, the summons or the invitation from your correspondent in France accurately describing the activity, the purpose, the duration and the location of the meeting, seminar or conference;
  • If applicable, admission cards to trade fairs or conferences;
Meetings Toulouse, terrasses de restaurants

Safety in the Country and the City

France is the world’s most visited country with over 80 million arrivals every year. 

Ranked 66th out of 162 on the ranking of safest countries (Global Peace Index). violent crime is rare; the main threats facing travelers are pickpockets.

Toulouse is a very safe city day and night. precaution measures are the one that you usually apply.

Donjon P. Nin Ville de Toulouse

Practical information


As in 18 other European Union countries, the €uro is the official currency in France. Foreign currency and traveller's cheques can be changed in banks, hotels and exchange offices. Most shops accept all major credit cards. 

Toulouse Blagnac Airport Currency Exchange 


The electrical current in France operates on 220 Volts, 50 Hertz AC supply. Plugs are type E (Round pin and a socket for a male grounding).

Should you take electrical appliances with you abroad, you may require an adapter plug.

Meetings Toulouse, la Daurade

Practical information


Toulouse is on the GMT + 1.


With 2,031 hours of sunshine and 638mm of rainfall on average per year, the best time of year to enjoy and explore the city is generally between April and October.

Weather forecast



In France, restaurant prices are always displayed outside the establishment. All prices stated include taxes and service charges. You are able to choose from set menus, often served at lunch, other types of set menus or the a la carte menu.

In the case of bars and cafés, prices must be displayed inside the establishment. It is important to note that these prices vary depending on where the customer is seated; at the bar (where prices are lower), in the dining room or on the terrace. Depending the time of the day, a supplement may be charged for certain items

In France, prices stated include taxes and charges, including service charges (around 15% of the total). However, if the level of service is particularly well-appreciated, customers may leave a tip to show their satisfaction. This is generally between 5% and 10% of the total.

Meetings Toulouse - terrasse de restaurant

Good to know

Here are some average prices for everyday consumer products:

  • 1 full rate museum entrance: €7 to €12
  • 1 sandwich: around €6  
  • 1 pizza: between €8 and €14
  • 1 coffee: €1 at the bar, €2 in the dining room
  • 1 full meal (starter, main, dessert, excluding drinks): between €15 and €20 depending on the area.
  • 1 baguette: €1
  • 1 beer at a café: €4 
  • 1 tickets cinema : €10

Emergencies Numbers

You can call the emergencies 24/24. 

EMS 15

Fire brigade 18

Police 17