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International ConferenceChemical Processes in Solar-type Star-Forming Regions

From 5 to 9 June 2023

How the chemical complexity evolves during the process leading to the formation of a Sun and its planetary system?
Is the chemical richness of a Solar-like planetary system, at least partially, inherited from the earliest stages or is there a complete chemical reset?
A powerful way to answering these questions is by comparing the chemical content in young protostars and primitive bodies of the Solar System, using astrochemistry as a tool. Yet, to do so, we need to fully understand the processes that govern the chemical evolution of a molecular cloud into a young planetary system.

The goal of the conference is to gather together the actors of this intrinsically interdisciplinary endeavor: instrumentalists, astronomers, chemists and modelers. The recent progresses in the four areas make the time ripe for these communities to join and ride this scientific wave.