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Toulouse, ville savante

Knowledgeable city

Globally renowned for its aeronautics and Space industries, its universities and state-of-the-art research laboratories in the fields of health, the economy, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies, robotics...

Toulouse is a city of researchers, engineers and students.





+2,9%economic growth

per year in terms of GDP/inhabitant – No.1 city in France


balance of trade in 2016

Toulouse, a city firmly focused on the future

Toulouse is a place buzzing with talent and very pleasant to live in.

An exceptional edge

Toulouse is a centre of excellence that brings together the talent of today and also of tomorrow. Innovation and research are part of the city’s DNA.

Give your events an exceptional edge by choosing Toulouse!

Diner sous les ailes du Concorde

Between Concorde and Falcon

Dinner on the tarmac under the wings of exceptional aircraft

The Aeroscopia museum of aeronautics welcomes you for immediate boarding on some of its legendary aircraft.
Set up your dining tables beneath the wings of the supersonic Concorde, bring an XXL dimension to your soirée with the Super Guppy or the impressive A380, sip cocktails beside the A400M military transport aircraft…

Une soirée de gala à la Cité de l'espace

Your head in the stars

A gala soirée at the foot of the Ariane rocket

How about hosting your forthcoming event in Outer Space? The Cité de l’Espace promises you a journey to the edge of the Cosmos. We have yet to finish pushing our limits and exploring that which appears inaccessible. Enjoy a soirée with the Ariane 5 rocket and Mir Space Station as your backdrop.

Prenez les commandes

Take command!

Take part in the adventure

Zipping along the Mermoz and Latécoère runways, setting off from Toulouse to Morocco with the daily papers and a bouquet of violets, just 100 years ago the pioneers of Aéropostale took flight.

Try your hand at flying an A320 with the help of a student pilot thanks to a flight simulator in Blagnac. Visit the final assembly line of the latest and most innovative Airbus: the A350 XWB Néo.

Toulouse Onco Week

Cutting edge medical research

Unique in Europe

Oncopole brings together an array of private and public bodies committed to the fight against cancer on one campus: a research and treatment centre specialising in a programme of therapeutic innovation.

In the same style as this famed research centre, Toulouse brings together internationally renowned scientists for a dedicated week-long congress: Toulouse Onco Week (TOW).

Fabio Cuttone

Thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon

Elected "Toulousain of the Year" by readers of the Dépêche du Midi newspaper, recognition also for the excellence and talent of the team at CHU Toulouse, Doctor Fabio Cuttone earned the admiration of everyone following an operation in April 2018.

The intervention (carried out only 19 times before in the world) saved the life of a 7 month old baby suffering from an extremely rare and complex form of cardiac malformation.


Fabio Cuttone